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Governing Council

The East Mountain High School Governing Council is the legal authority for the school and equivalent to the school board of a traditional public school. Monthly meetings dealing with school business and educational topics are held as announced below.


The Governing Council adheres to the New Mexico Open Meetings Act and members of the public are invited to attend the meetings of the Council at all times except when in closed session as permitted by law.

Please note that as of November 2020, all EMHS Governing Council agendas and minutes have been relocated HERE


GC Members

Glenn Gushman, Board President,

Brad Hosmer, Chair of Strategic Planning & Outcomes

Karen Thompson, Chair of Finance & Facilities

Janea Davis, Member of Strategic Planning & Outcomes

Harley McDaniel, Chair of Board Development & Recruitment

Judith Becker, Member of Finance & Facilities

Governing Council Documents and Resources

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