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Welcome Back Information

Below you will find important information on back to school activities. Please read this information closely. Online Registration Open From Tuesday, July 18, 2023 to Thursday, July 27, 2023: We are excited to continue our online registration process with FinalForms. Families will update their demographic and emergency/medical information, as well as electronically sign several forms. Students are also required to electronically sign several forms, so they must access FinalForms too after the parent/guardian has submitted their part. The FinalForms website is available here. -New families will receive login information and directions on accessing the system directly from FinalForms in their email on July 18. Please be sure to check the spam/junk folder, as well as any email accounts associated with the student. -Returning families will use the same login information that they set up last year. Use the forgot username/password feature if needed. Once families and students have successfully completed the FinalForms Online Registration by July 27, the student’s schedule will be available in their PowerSchool account on August 1. All student PowerSchool usernames/passwords have been reset, so students will receive their new login information on August 1 in their EMHS email. Students must check their spam/junk folder if the email is not in their inbox. There will not be an in-person registration event this year. Required School Support Fees: There is an $80 School Support Fee due when your student(s) register. There is also a mandatory Senior Fee of $25 for students in Grade 12. All fees must be paid through the EMHS Go Fan account or in person at EMHS. Families may pay online through the EMHS Go Fan account. Please note there is a service fee imposed by Go Fan for all online payments. Select Registration → Buy tickets → +1 under the School Support Fee category → Add to cart. Be sure to enter the student’s first name, last name and grade level under “Add information” so we can track payments accurately. The email and phone number should be the parent/guardian making the payment. If paying in person at EMHS with a check or cash, families must also access EMHS Go Fan. Select Registration → Buy tickets → +1 under the Pay in Person category→ Add to cart. We are keeping track of all payments, so please access the Go Fan account to let us know you plan to pay in person. Families may come to EMHS before school starts to submit their payment or send a check or cash with their student on August 3 or 4. The EMHS Front Office is open Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4PM. If you are unable to pay the School Support Fee and/or Senior Fee in full, please make arrangements for a payment plan with Operations Manager Gwen Brown. It is recommended you do so in advance. The School Support Fee offsets expenses such as, but not limited to: parking permits, registration supplies, student handbooks, ID cards, mailings and computer and printing supplies. The Senior Fee offsets expenses such as, but not limited to: senior shirts and senior week activities. Holds: Holds will be placed on a returning student’s registration until all fines are paid, books and/or uniforms are returned (or paid for) and Next Step Plans are on file from the previous school year. Families should take care of this prior to the start of school to avoid any delays. A hold on a student’s account will prevent families from accessing FinalForms and students from receiving their class schedule until they are cleared with the appropriate department(s). The school will contact families who have holds. Schedules: Students will receive their class schedule on August 1 in their PowerSchool account. After viewing their schedule, if a student wishes to inquire about a possible schedule change, they will be required to complete a Schedule Change Request Form on our website under Current Students → Course Catalog & Master Schedule or here, which will also ask for an explanation/reason for the change. No schedule change requests will be accepted by email or phone. Students may check their PowerSchool account on the evening of Wednesday, August 2 to see if their schedule change request was made. Please remember that schedule changes must be made during the first three (3) days of the term, so students have until Monday, August 7 at 4PM to attempt to drop or add a course. Not all schedule change requests will be granted because they depend on space availability and the balancing of classes. Donations Request: We are grateful for any donations that families are able to make. Donations can be made to fulfill parent/guardian volunteer hours at the rate of $10 per hour (ex: $60 in supplies equals 6 volunteer hours). Items that are particularly useful include: facial tissue, paper towels, copy paper, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Students may bring these items to their Advocacy teacher on August 3 or 4 or during the first full week of school. Families can log all donations (monetary and/or supplies) as a part of their family volunteer hours. Families may log their donations here. Chromebooks: EMHS can check out Chromebooks to any student who needs one for school. Chromebooks will be available for pickup on August 3 in the Student Guidance Center. Students are still welcome to use their own device if they choose to do so. We just need all freshmen, sophomores and juniors to have a Chromebook for future ACT and SAT testing. Nurse’s Office/Health Concerns: Nurse Pam Rothe will be available after July 27 to clear nursing holds and meet with parent(s)/guardian(s) regarding the health of their student, if needed. Please contact Nurse Pam Rothe to make an appointment. She will contact families if their student has any nursing/immunization holds. School Calendar & Daily Class Schedules: Families may visit the EMHS website to access the 23-24 calendar and daily schedules. Families may also subscribe to the school’s Google calendar and athletic Google calendar. Please remember that the first day of the Fall Term is Thursday, August 3 and the last day before Winter Break is Thursday, December 21. The Spring Term starts on Tuesday, January 9 and the last day of school is Wednesday, June 5. The first bell rings at 8:10AM and class begins promptly at 8:15AM. Please arrive on time each day and please note the new dismissal time on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 3:05PM. Classes are 85 minutes, passing periods are 5 minutes, Advocacy is 20 minutes and lunch is 30 minutes. Advocacy is held after 2nd period. The Early Release Wednesday schedule has a dismissal time of 12:10PM and includes 55 minute classes. Advocacy does not meet on Wednesdays. Wednesday afternoons will alternate between tutoring, professional development, and extended learning opportunities. It is important to read the Timberwolf Times each week to understand those expectations. Summer Reading: This is a friendly reminder that ALL students have a summer reading assignment for their English and/or Social Studies classes. Please be sure to have the reading completed by August 3. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors will not know if they have English in the fall or spring until they receive their schedules on August 1. Two days before school starts is not an appropriate amount of time to complete the summer reading, so it is best to complete it now, regardless of when a student has their English class. Information is available on the EMHS website under Current Students → Summer Reading or here. School Supplies: The NM Tax Free weekend will be held on August 4 – 6. Information is available here. Students will receive a supplies list for each of their classes on August 3. Students can get general supplies (binder, notebooks, dividers, paper, pencils, pens, highlighters, composition books, etc.) and then fill in with teacher specific supplies after the first day of school. Freshman Orientation & First Day of School on Thursday, August 3: We are looking forward to welcoming freshmen for a morning orientation and then all students for the first day of school experiences! The schedule is available below: 9th Grade Only 8:15 – 9:15 Advocacy 9:15 – 10:00 Club/Activity Fair 10:00 – 10:55 1st Period 11:00 – 11:45 Lunch 11:45 – 12:30 2nd Period 12:35 – 1:20 3rd Period 1:25 – 2:10 4th Period 2:15 – 3:00 Flyers: Since we are not holding an in-person registration event, we will email families copies of the campus map, 23-24 calendar, daily class schedules, dress code guidelines, yearbook order form, school picture order form, ACT and SAT test dates, graduation requirements and Swift K12 notification information. Carpooling: Carpooling information is available on the EMHS website under Current Students → Carpooling or here. Since EMHS draws students from a wide geographic area, many families arrange carpools with neighbors in their area. If you are interested in forming a carpool with others and are not sure who to contact in your area, email Receptionist Krysta Cano. Lockers: Locker requests will be accepted by filling out this form and then assigned on Thursday, August 3. Students must bring a combination lock in order to be assigned a locker. We will record the locker number and lock combination. There are only 90 lockers available, so students should use their EMHS email to fill out the request form as soon as possible. Student Planners: The arrival of our student planners has been delayed until the middle of August. Based on the number of planners students used last year, we ordered 250 planners. We will let students and families know when they arrive in the Timberwolf Times. Parking Permits: There is no additional cost for a parking permit. However, a 2023-2024 EMHS Parking Permit is required for all students who wish to park on the EMHS Campus OR at the Vista Grande Soccer Field. Students will be able to get their permit during the first two (2) weeks of the school year. Students must provide the following required documents: (1) Copy of valid driver’s license, (2) Copy of current proof of vehicle registration and (3) Copy of current proof of insurance. Current proof of registration and insurance must be provided for each vehicle a student may drive. Dual Credit at CNM, ENMU or UNM: Students earn high school elective credit and college credit through courses taken as dual credit. All classes are FREE and EMHS will pay for the cost of the textbook. Families must pay for any additional course fees, like an art fee or culinary fee. Please contact College & Career Counselor Tamara Marcelain for more information. Registration is currently underway. Classes fill up quickly, so now is the best time to register. Athletic Payments: Athletic payments for all sports will also be collected through EMHS Go Fan by selecting Sports Fee. Full or half payment and/or a payment plan must be in place prior to the first game of each sports season. We are excited to announce that the sports fee for the 2023-2024 school year is going to be $200 per student, per sport. This is a reduction of $150 from last year! More information will be available from Athletic Director Kasi Giovenco at the mandatory Fall Sports Meeting on Wednesday, August 2 at 6PM at the Fisher & Smith Memorial Gym. The Fall Sports Meeting is for parents/guardians and students competing in cross country, fall golf, soccer or volleyball. Remember that all athletes must have a current physical and concussion course on file in FinalForms. Contact Athletic Director Kasi Giovenco with questions. Withdrawing?: If a student is withdrawing from EMHS and not returning for the 23-24 school year, contact Registrar Charlotte Nee as soon as possible to complete the withdrawal process and paperwork. Student records will not be released to the new school unless the withdrawal paperwork is completed. Questions?: If you have any questions or are in need of further information, please contact Assistant Director Amanda Millea or the front office at 505-281-7400. Enjoy the rest of the summer; we’ll see you soon!  Trey Smith, Executive Director Amanda Forkasdi Millea, Assistant Director
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