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What are Discovery Projects?

East Mountain High School embraces the importance of experiential learning as a key to achieving excellence. Students become more engaged in their learning when they have opportunities to apply classroom skills to real world situations. Discovery Projects, two week units of in-depth experiential learning that take place each May once traditional classes are completed, are a cornerstone of this principle. Each freshman, sophomore and junior completes a Discovery Project annually. Teachers develop the projects in an area of expertise, and students sign up to participate in the project they find most interesting.

In previous years, students have worked with the local Habitat for Humanity chapter to rehabilitate a home in the East Mountains, built a peace garden on the EMHS campus, studied human physiology while earning their scuba diving certification, traveled to Spain to immerse themselves in a foreign culture and language, designed their own video games and wrote and illustrated their own children’s books. Recent graduates cite Discovery Projects as among the most valuable, and challenging, components of their EMHS education.

Discovery 2022

We are thrilled to share the school's plans for Discovery 2022, a cornerstone of East Mountain High School. These required .5 elective credit projects designed by four teams of teachers are a phenomenal way to wrap up the school year from May 17-27. We have made some improvements to these projects due to lessons learned throughout the pandemic.


Lesson #1 Equity

School projects for credit should never be cost-prohibitive, so it is important that these experiences are free for students. No project will cost any family any money. 

Lesson #2 Diversity of Experiences

Past iterations of Discovery oftentimes led to students getting placed in a project they were not that interested in for multiple days. Under this year’s design, students will experience a wide variety of projects in both on and off campus settings with multiple teachers.


An email was sent to all students and families with a description of each Discovery “house.” On March 31 at 8am, the following form will open and students will be able to rank their preferred house based on the list of activities. Top preferences will be given to 11th grade, then 10th grade, then 9th grade.

We will share those house assignments within the next couple of weeks and then teachers will begin meeting with their assigned students to give even more detailed information and expectations for the project. 

Please email with any questions. We’re excited for Discovery 2022!

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