In beginning his career at our school in 2010, our music director Mr. Michael Wood recognized a need in his students — those who were seriously considering a career in music were not being served in the curriculum. Therefore, he created the class that we know as Recording Arts. Each spring, up to 16 sophomores, juniors, and seniors with music experience and an interest in recording are selected, and the project begins. The goal is to write, record, mix, and release 16 original songs by the end of the school year.

The process of songwriting is heavily emphasized in the course, and students will come out of the class with the ability to recognize pitch, sing or play along correctly to a class-written tune, demonstrate advanced technique in one or several chosen instruments, perform professionally in large or small groups, and have moderate knowledge regarding recording equipment and software. Students are self-driven and are expected to create an meaningful song together without the instruction of the director.

The previous classes have seen much success, also performing live shows at the school and gym, businesses like the Greenside Cafe, and other venues such as Duke City Sound Stage and The Outpost. Additionally, Mr. Wood hosts a Discovery Project every year in which students are given the opportunity to record professionally at Santa Fe Center Recording Studios. Being apart of Recording Arts is an unforgettable and rewarding experience. Prospective students with an interest in music should set their sights on this class– They won’t regret it.

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