MESA Celebrates Socktober!

Students from MESA will be coming to advocacy classes this week to discuss Socktober. This is a unique opportunity to collaboratively have an impact on our community and globally too.

LIMBS International helps amputees from third world countries through clinics and service fundraising such as this to help supply them with prosthesis. Our minimum goal is to sell 75 packs of socks which will equal the donation of one prosthetic limb. We will get to track where our donate prosthetic ends up, which is a neat bonus. Also, the organization will send us 75 packs of warms socks that our students can take to a local shelter.
The top selling advocacy class will receive a MESA donated Pizza Party. Also, the top community selling student will receive a gift card (TBD) and each pack sold will transfer as 1.5 hours of community service learning hours!
The easiest way to order is online.

Downloadable forms are here: