Kyla Allmon, Class of 2010

Kyla attended Colorado State University and graduated in 2014. She earned a B.A. in Journalism and Technical Communication with a focus in Public Relations and a minor in Political Science. Since graduation, Kyla’s career has taken her all over the world.
“Little did I know, the journey to the job I have now began when I started my first post-college job at EF Educational Tours. Not only did I visit seven countries in my first year working there, but I worked with some of the most passionate and interesting people I’ve ever met. My travels and the people I met there inspired me to begin looking into teaching English in Prague. I applied and was accepted to a certification program, and was planning to begin my life in Prague in August 2016. However, during this process I stayed in contact with friends who are stationed at Baumholder, and they helped open my eyes to other opportunities that would allow me to live abroad. This fueled my shift from teaching in Prague, to working in the Education Center on Baumholder and helping soldiers continue their education. I soon realized this was actually a much better fit for me. While I am passionate about continuing a career in the realm of education, I’ve realized it doesn’t have to be in the traditional sense of a classroom. I love working with soldiers who are continuing their education, and that I get to foster this in a way which previously I never knew existed.
In hindsight, I’d say this complete life transition actually began with joining the EMHS Speech and Debate team. Joining this team is what helped me discover my passion for education, and was also the beginning of me stepping outside of the box and forging my own path. Joining the Speech and Debate team instilled a confidence in myself I still carry with me today. The camaraderie of the team and the mentorship of the coach, Trey Smith, opened my mind to creative ways of thinking and challenged my intellect in a way that still influences my decision making today. I’d say joining this team made me brave. For example, I moved abroad on a travel visa without a job/visa/sponsorship lined up, but with the confidence to know I knew I’d make it work. After two weeks in Europe, while on a train to Milan, I received a call that solidified my job and my SOFA (status of forces agreement), which meant I wouldn’t have to leave after 90 days, and am sponsored to stay in Germany until 2018.”