Erin Bush, Class of 2011

Alumni Update: Erin Bush, Class of 2011

After graduating from UNM with a B.A. in International Studies and Latin American Studies, Erin Bush was chosen for the State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship, a fully funded program with the goal of recruiting individuals to master one of fourteen languages deemed critical by the federal government. Erin was placed in Turkey last summer and is now learning Urdu while living in Lucknow, India. Urdu is predominantly spoken in Pakistan and is similar to Hindi. Erin’s future plans entail working with NGO’s that focus on women’s rights and healthcare access in Turkey, Pakistan, and India.

Erin says, “I am extremely convinced that had I not attended EMHS, I wouldn’t have received this scholarship. East Mountain’s scheduling and support enabled me to go on a yearlong high school exchange, which was my first foreign language learning experience. Also, I consider my confidence, writing, and ability to articulate ideas to be a direct result of the Speech & Debate program…not to mention all of the teachers who have served as personal mentors and written me letters of recommendation.”