EMHS Students Win Governor’s STEM Challenge

Making New Mexico a safer place through STEM and technology. That is the challenge more than 600 high school students were faced with at the first Governor’s Stem Showcase. For weeks they’ve been building prototypes and testing new technology. Saturday, they got their chance to show it off for an opportunity to win some money.

From conserving water and reducing emissions, to putting out fires using a drone, and saving crops from insects, hundreds of smart high school students from around the state are using STEM to change New Mexico for the better.

EMHS’s team approached the problem by focusing on alleviating the problem of food insecurity because of food desserts by researching and growing spirulina algae as a highly nutritious food supplement that is sustainable and easy to grow. The students had to write a proposal, create a slide-deck, and then attend the competition on Saturday 12/7 in Los Lunas where they presented their project to the judges through a prepared presentation and questionioning by the judges. 

Their project was chosen by Presbyterian Healthcare Services as the project that best represented their company’s goals and who showcased their findings through professionalism, research, and innovation. 

Congratulations to William Bieri, Gabriella Delgado, Ben Dauk, Sam Dauk, Feleecia Guillen, James Harrison, Matthew Martinez, Jackson Poole, Max Sisneros, and Charlotte Williams! Each student earned a varsity letter in STEM and a $500 award and are State Showcase Champions.