EMHS Response to COVID-19

Dear EMHS Community:

On days like today, I’m proud to be surrounded by such a phenomenal community. Over the next several weeks, we will be venturing into uncertain times. There will be more questions than answers. And our best laid plans will undoubtedly fall short. Please be patient with each other as everyone does their best. And remember that we are a community trying to make the best decisions we can for the safety of all.

We will continue to communicate via School Messenger with major announcements. If you did not receive phone calls from recent snow days, please call Jennifer in the front office at 281-7400 to make sure you receive those calls. We will send emails and update all school social media accounts frequently.

We have created a new e-mail to address questions and concerns. Please use admin@eastmountainhigh.net to report any health information and ask any questions related to this.

At this time, we have not been advised to close school. We have been instructed to limit gatherings of students as much as possible. Here are some of those changes:

All school activities, events, tournaments, games, and field trips are canceled until further notice. This includes all games coming up this month (golf, baseball, softball, track). Track is not competing today and baseball players are on the way home.

As of now, practices can continue.

In order to reduce the number of students at lunch at one time, we will be holding alternating lunch and Advocacy times until further notice.

Juniors and Seniors will have Lunch from 11:25am – 11:55am and Advocacy from 11:55am – 12:25pm. Seniors are allowed to leave campus during lunch if they do not have afternoon classes.

Freshmen and Sophomores will have Advocacy from 11:25am – 11:55am and Lunch from 11:55am – 12:25pm.

The Sunflower Cafe is open for students to use the microwaves, but we will be monitoring students and allowing a small number of students in at one time. The room and microwaves will be disinfected before and after lunch each day.

Pro-active planning:
We are currently conducting a survey of all our students to assess their access to technology and internet at home should school have to close for an extended period of time.

School cleaning:
Our custodial staff is re-focusing their efforts to disinfect public areas. We are asking teachers and students to pitch in and work on cleaning classrooms. We are reaching out to local companies for more in-depth cleaning help going forward.

Personal travel:
The Dept of Health is asking schools to report that any member of our school community that has traveled outside of the state since Feb. 27. We are gathering that information through advocacy. Additionally, if you have Spring Break travel plans, you may want to reconsider, and if you cannot, you will need to report that information to admin@eastmountainhigh.net.

Attendance/Staying Home
If any member of our school community feels sick, they need to stay home. Students should NOT feel pressured about missing a specific assignment or quiz. Our teachers will make that assignment up with students.

We will continue to update everyone as conditions change. Please know that things may change hourly.

Thank you,

Trey Smith
EMHS Principal