EMHS 2030: What’s Next

East Mountain High School is undertaking a process to craft a multi-year plan to build the future of EMHS. This plan will provide us with both a vision of our future ten years from now, and a set of more immediate tasks designed to move us toward that vision.

Key Outcomes of the Planning Process

The EMHS 2030 Process should provide us with:

  • a long-horizon aspirational vision (10-year vision)
  • a renewed statement of shared values and mission for EMHS
  • an environmental analysis of EMHS strategic advantages, opportunities for differentiation, areas of challenge and recommendations for the school’s areas of focus
  • a statement of the value proposition of EMHS as a place of curiosity, diversity, discovery, service, innovation, and learning
  • a set of school-level strategic goals to pursue over the next 5 years that will move us toward our aspirational vision, with these goals being verifiable, although not necessarily quantifiable
  • an immediate set of concrete actions or tasks to undertake over the next year or two to drive toward achievement of the strategic goals
  • updates to the school’s Facility Master Plan to accommodate an increasing student population
  • collaboration on a shared vision with community partners (APS schools, Bernalillo County, etc.)