Please double check with the coach that you are going to the correct place when traveling to support Timberwolf athletics at an away game. This is especially true for soccer where many of our games in Santa Fe are not at the high school we are playing, but at the MRC fields. If you have any questions or we are missing a location, please contact EMHS at 281-7400. These directions all begin at the intersection of La Madera Road and Hwy 14.

Aztec High School

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I40 West
  • I25 North
  • In Bernalillo take Hwy 550 North – 150 miles
  • In Bloomfield follow signs to Aztec. (Stay on Hwy 550)
  • Take Hwy 550 to Hwy 516 towards Farmington (left at T) (subway will be there)
  • Go over bridge at Heiland Drive and turn right
  • Turn right in Iris Drive, school will be on left

Belen High School

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I-40 West
  • I-25 South
  • Exit on Camino Del Illiano
  • Head East and take first turn on the left named
  • Christopher Road
  • Continue to the back of the high school
  • Turn right onto dirt road that leads around the football field
  • Continue around until you reach the area between the football field and parking lot

Bernalillo High School

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I40 West
  • I-25 N. to 2nd Bernalillo Exit
  • Go West Off Exit Turn Right At First Stoplight
  • Go ½ Block And Turn Right at Bernalillo High School Sign

Bernalillo City Fields

  • Same As Above, But Turn Left At First Stoplight.
  • Go About 1 Mile and Pass Bernalillo City Hall
  • Go 1 More Block and Turn Right At Next Road (You’ll See Fields)

Bosque School

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I-40 West
  • Exit onto Coors
  • Go north on Coors for 3 miles
  • Continue on until Learning Road and take a right
  • The school is at the bottom of the road

Bloomfield High School

  • I-40 to I-25 N
  • Exit 242 for NM 165E toward US 550
  • NM 165W/US550N
  • Turn rt on W Broadway Ave
  • Turn lt onto N 1st St
  • 520 N 1st St

Coronado High School

  • I-40 W to ABQ to I-25 N Take US 550N/NM 165E, exit 242 toward Bernalillo/Placitas
  • Turn left onto US 550/NM 165S (approx. 68 mi)
  • Turn rt onto NM 96 and drive about 19 miles to Gallina, NM
  • HS is on the left, gym is at the back of the campus.

Dora High School

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I-40 East to Exit 277 for US-84 Fort Sumner.
  • Turn right onto US 84 East and travel 42 miles.
  • Turn left onto US 60 East / Sumner Avenue and travel 37 miles.
  • Turn right onto NM 267 / 10th Street and travel 32 miles.
  • Turn right onto North Avenue I.
  • Turn left onto West 2nd Street.
  • Trun right onto NM 206 South. The high school will be on the right.

Estancia High School

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I-40 East to Moriarty.
  • At Moriarty, take the 2nd exit onto Hwy. 41 south.
  • Continue south for 17-18 miles. You will be in Estancia.
  • Go about 400 yards and take a right at the Laundromat onto Hopewell Road.
  • School will be in front of you.

Evangel Christian Academy

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I-40 W
  • Take the SAN MATEO BLVD. exit- EXIT 161. 0.2 miles
  • Turn RIGHT onto SAN MATEO BLVD NE. 1.8 miles
  • Turn LEFT onto MONTGOMERY BLVD NE. 0.3 miles

Grants High School

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I 40 West
  • First Grants Exit #85– Wal Mart
  • Stay straight into town, second stoplight – next to Pizza Hut
  • Turn right on 1st street
  • Go downhill to stop sign at the T – next to Ranchers Bank
  • Take left at bank – You will see the school

Hope Christian High School

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I-40 West
  • I-25 N. for 5.4 miles
  • EXIT 232 toward NM-423 / PASEO DEL NORTE. 0.1 miles
  • Stay STRAIGHT to go onto N PAN AMERICAN FWY NE / FRONTAGE RD N. 0.1 mile
  • Turn RIGHT onto PASEO DEL NORTE NE. 0.5 miles
  • End at 6721 Palomas Ave NE

Jemez Valley High School

  • Highway 14 South
  • I-40 South
  • I-25 North
  • Highway 550 West (Bernalillo exit) (approximately 15 miles)
  • NM-4 East (right turn) (school is approximately 8 miles on right)

Laguna-Acoma High School

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I-40 West To Exit 108 (You will see Dancing Eagle Casino)
  • Turn left go over the overpass.
  • Go about 1/2 mile.
  • The High School is on the left.


  • Hwy 14 South
  • I 40 West
  • I 25 South
  • Take 1st Socorro Exit
  • At 4th stoplight (there will be a sign to Magdalena) take a right
  • Go West 3 or 4 blocks and take a left on Hwy 60 for 26 miles
  • School will be on Hwy 60

McCurdy High School

  • Hwy 14 South
  • Take I-40 West
  • Take I-25 North
  • Take the US-84 N/ US-285 N/ ST. FRANCIS DR. exit- exit number 282- toward LOS ALAMOS/ TAOS/ SANTA FE – PLAZA. 0.80 miles
  • Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp. 0.13 miles
  • Merge onto US-285 N/ US-84 N. 27.42 miles
  • Stay straight to go onto N RIVERSIDE DR/ NM-68 N. 1.24 miles
  • Turn RIGHT onto FAIRVIEW LN. 0.62 miles
  • Turn RIGHT onto MCCURDY RD/ NM-106. 0.09 miles

Monte Del Sol – Christian Life Center

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I-40 West
  • I-25 North
  • Exit at St. Francis Drive; go north.
  • Turn right on Siringo, and CLC is on the left at 121 Siringo.

Monte Del Sol – MRC Fields

  • Hwy 14 North
  • At State Road 599 – take a left – (stoplight)
  • 5 miles later – check for MRC Fields signs
  • I25 North
  • Exit on Hwy 599 north
  • Follow signs
  • 599 North is called Relief Route

Native American Community Academy

  • Go toward Hard Rock Casino
  • Pass the casino to the next light (at the bottom of the hill near the river)
  • Turn rt and cross bridge
  • Take 1st left (dirt=Tribal Rd 33)
  • Follow about 1 mile until 3 way stop
  • Take a left; after ¼ mile, it will be paved again
  • Keep going straight and it will be on the left next to the Little League fields
  • The gym is in the Community Center

Pecos High School

  • Take N 14 to I-25 N (or take NM41 to 285N to I-25N)
  • Exit 299 NM 50 to Glorietta
  • Turn left onto NM 50
  • Turn rt, stay on NM 50
  • Turn left onto S Main St
  • School is on the left
  • 39 Panther Way

Rehoboth Soccer Fields

  • Ford Canyon Soccer Field (Ford Canyon Park)
  • I 40 West
  • Exit 44 (Miyamora) and go south (over interstate) onto Ford Street.
  • Ford Street Dead ends at Ford Canyon Park.
  • Uppermost Field!

Robertson Soccer Fields I25 North

  • 2nd Las Vegas Exit
  • Take a left at exit
  • At Grand Avenue, turn right
  • At Mills Avenue, turn left
  • Robertson High School is on the left of Mills Ave. a few blocks down


  • 13 School Road
  • 285 N to Santa Fe
  • Merge onto 1-25S/US 84N/US285 N
  • Merge onto US-84N/US-285N, via exit 282B
  • US 84/US 285 becomes NM 68
  • Turn rt onto NM 75

Ruidoso Soccer Fields

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I-40 E.
  • Turn RIGHT onto NM-41/HOWARD CAVASOS BLVD. Continue to follow NM-41. 28.3 miles
  • Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto US-60. 1.6 miles
  • Turn RIGHT onto NM-42. 35.5 miles
  • Turn RIGHT onto US-54/MAIN ST. Continue to follow US-54. 46.7 miles
  • Turn LEFT onto US-380. 8.0 miles
  • HWY 37 South 12 miles
  • Right on HWY 48 – 10 miles to Alto Cafe
  • Gavilan Canyon – left at sign for – 6 miles
  • Right at intersection after little league field
  • Soccer games played at football field

Sandia Prep School

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I40 West
  • I25 North
  • Go West on Osuna Rd (Exit 230)
  • School is approximately 2 miles west on left

Santa Fe Prep

  • Hwy 14 North
  • I25 North
  • Turn off on the Old Pecos Trail (Exit 284). Drive north towards town.
  • Drive about 1 mile to the light and turn right to remain on Old Pecos Trail.
  • Drive about 1 mile to the next light at Cordova (on the left) and Armenta (on the right). Turn right.
  • Go to the Stop sign and turn left on Camino Corrales.
  • Go to the Stop sign and turn right on Old Santa Fe Trail.
  • Drive 1/2 mile and turn left on the first paved road, Camino del Monte Sol.
  • Go about 200 yards to the Stop sign, and turn right on Camino de la Cruz Blanca.
  • You will pass our athletic field on your left. Turn left into the school immediately after the field.
  • Bear right into the circular drive to get to the Offices & Classrooms.
  • To get to the Gym, head straight, towards the dirt parking lot. The Gym is on your left as you drive into the lot.

Santa Rosa High School

  • Exit La Madera Road and take Highway 14 south and drive 6.9 miles.
  • Turn left onto Highway 333 and drive 0.1 miles.
  • Turn left and enter onramp for I-40 East towards Santa Rosa.
  • Travel 97.8 miles on I-40 East.
  • Take exit towards I-40 Bus Loop East, Santa Rosa.
  • After 1.5 miles, turn right onto South 3rd Street. The high school is on your right.

Temple Baptist

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I 40 West
  • Louisiana Exit – Head south on Louisiana
  • At first Stoplight – Turn right on Constitution
  • Go about 5 blocks to Arizona and turn left
  • Gym is on the right

Thoreau High School

  • Start out going east on La Madera Rd toward NM-14 for 0.6 miles.
  • Turn right onto NM-14 S and travel 6.8 miles.
  • Merge onto I-40 W toward Albuquerque and travel 95.4 miles.
  • Take the I-40 BL exit, EXIT 79, toward Milan/San Mateo/NM-122/NM-605 and travel 0.3 miles.
  • Merge onto I-40-BL E toward Milan/San Mateo and travel 0.2 miles.
  • Turn left onto NM-122 W. and travel 0.2 miles.
  • Turn right onto NM-605 and travel 13.7 miles.
  • Turn left onto NM-509 and travel 16.3 miles.
  • Turn right (Portions unpaved) and travel 5.0 miles.
  • Turn right (Portions unpaved) and travel 1.4 miles.
  • Your destination is 4 Hawk Circle, Thoreau, NM.


  • Hwy 14 South
  • I-40 West To Exit 131 (To’hajiilee).
  • Go North (Right) For 8 Miles.
  • At The End of This Road is To”Hajiilee

Tucumcari High School

  • Start out going east on La Madera Rd toward NM-14. for 0.6 miles.
  • Turn right onto NM-14 S. for 6.9 miles.
  • Turn left onto NM-333 N/Route 66 for 0.1 miles.
  • Merge onto I-40 E via the ramp on the left toward Santa Rosa and travel 153.7 miles.
  • Merge onto I-40-BL E via EXIT329 toward Historical Route 66 and travel 3.6 miles.
  • Turn right onto S 7th St. and travel 0.2 miles. Your destination is on the left.

Valencia High School

  • I-40 to I-25 S
  • Take exit 215 for NM 47S (Broadway Blvd)
  • Head south past casino on NM 47S
  • Turn left onto Tome Hill Rd
  • Tome Hill Rd turns slightly and become La Entrada Rd.
  • Continue onto Rio de Oro Loop
  • Continue onto Sandhill Rd
  • Continue onto R Del Oro Loop N
  • Bonita Vista Blvd/Rio del Ona Loop
  • 310 Bonita Vista Blvd

Walatowa Charter High School

  • Hwy 14 South
  • I 40 West
  • I 25 North
  • Exit 550 towards Cuba
  • San Ysidro – right turn on Hwy 4
  • On Hwy 4 for 5 miles
  • Look for sign for “Walatowa Charter School”
  • Turn right onto dirt road
  • Game will be at Walatowa Youth Center (big building there)