Seniors at East Mountain High School have the opportunity to take dual credit college English classes through Central New Mexico Community College. These classes meet the state graduation requirement for English 12 and give students the opportunity to earn college credits before graduating from high school. The classes are on the East Mountain High School campus and are taught by EMHS teachers who hold Masters’ degrees in English.

Senior English Placement

All students have the opportunity to test into ENG 1101 or ENG 1102, based on Accuplacer or ACT scores. Students may be placed into one of the following combinations of classes. Each Dual Enrollment course is calculated on an Honors scale. Students will take ENG 1150 or READ 1026 in the second term of their senior year.

If you are interested in pursuing placement into English 1102, you must print your ACT scores and submit with a Letter of Interest. This letter should explain

  1. why you want to take Analytical Writing
  2. what benefits you see to this enrollment, and
  3. how you perceive it to benefit you to advance past English 1101.

You might research your colleges of interest to determine whether this course is the best fit. You may speak with Ms. Kuehne or Mrs. Millea about this information for guidance. If your scores are close or you expect to be at the required scores for entry, you might write a letter of interest anyway. If you plan to take the June ACT, please write and submit your letter by the deadline, then contact Mrs. Millea for more information. A completed Letter of Interest and appropriate ACT/Accuplacer scores does not automatically ensure enrollment in English 1102, however, the odds are great.

Please read the course descriptions in the Course Catalog to understand the differences between English 1101 and English 1102. Both courses will demand heavy reading and writing workloads.

Senior Service Learning Project

The Senior Service Learning Project (SSL) is a required activity for all seniors, regardless of course placement. Students are expected to research a community issue and then create a service project that will be completed with the assistance of a community partner. Students are responsible for creating a research plan, a proposal and finding a Community Partner. There will be guidance in terms of research, which will also culminate in a Multiple Source Paper through at least the Fall semester Eng 1101 and 1102 courses. The planning of SSL will occur through the fall semester of all English classes and will be completed by April of 2015. All students will be required to commit 30 hours of service to this project, and will present in a Science Fair format. It is required for Graduation. Students may use 10 of the required 30 hours toward their 20 hours of Community Service.

Senior Job Shadow

One thing that makes EMHS unique is its commitment to student potential. We require all seniors to embark upon a job shadow in the spring term of their senior year. Students will identify a career field and a person to shadow early in March. They will set up and confirm a job shadow with a professional in their chosen career field. Guidance will be given with career readiness research through the course of the spring semester English classes. Each student will use one date of underclassmen testing to complete this activity, given all permission forms are complete and on file. Students will also present Job Shadows to their peers in class.

Senior Exhibition

The philosophy of the Senior Exhibition at East Mountain High School is to create a culminating project that defines and illustrates individual student growth in education, in the community, and as a person. This project should also demonstrate creativity, uniqueness, autonomy, and awareness; in addition, it should articulate the validity of the student as a lifelong learner, his/her commitment to responsibility as a citizen, and his/her determination to choose the best path in life according to his/her personal values, morals and codes.

Guiding Principles/Tenets/Pieces of Work

  • Each student will present a final project that involves extended reflection.
  • Each student will prepare reflections and components leading to presentation.
  • Each student will complete a Senior Service Learning Project.
  • Each student will examine, compare and contrast academic assignments and/or research projects.
  • Each student will think critically about final presentation and articulate thoughts based on who they truly are and what they truly believe about their own individual self and being.

Assessment & Accountability

  • Students will be held accountable for their work throughout the year.
  • Students will be held accountable through the final presentation.
  • Students will be assessed by a panel of varied individuals, most are student chosen.
  • Students will showcase their learning through a final speech and presentation, which will include many of the following elements:
    • goodbye speech
    • multi-genre presentation
    • time limit
    • effective usage of time in planning and in presentation
    • individuality and creativity
    • reflection of academic performance and assignments
    • demonstration of community and reflection of Senior Service Learning Project
    • final reflection and projection paper

Since Senior Exhibition is a capstone demonstrating the student’s growth and ability to become a successful adult and responsible citizen, the presentation will prove/show the following:

  • Students must have achieved presentation skills.
  • Students must have achieved sustained oral presentation ability.
  • Students understand the Senior Exhibition is a natural responsibility as a student at EMHS from the date of acceptance into the school.
  • Students attend various senior presentations throughout years prior to senior year.