Gifted students are expected to take full advantage of academic and extra-curricular opportunities at EMHS, but there are endless possibilities for learning beyond school boundaries. We hope that all EMHS students will be lifelong learners, but for Gifted students especially, we encourage independent exploration into a favorite subject or completely new areas of study. The following resources provide countless options for doing so. From open source science classes to Mandarin tutorials to academic competitions, you’ll find it here. There are also numerous links to research and information about Gifted issues.

Content-Specific Resources

Introduction to Probability
Linear Algebra

American Memory from the Library of Congress
University of Washington Open Courses

Delft University of Technology Open Courses
MadSci 24 Hour Laboratory
NASA for Students

Free Online Language Courses
Michigan State University’s ASL Browser
Conversational Mandarin Chinese
Italian Language & Culture

Digital Arts
Stanford University Computer Science Courses
Sophia Project Course Gallery

Fine Arts
Timeline of Art History at the Metropolitan Museum of Art:
The Museum of Modern Art:

The National Gallery of Art:

Learning About Art at The Louvre:

Fundamentals of Music Theory online courses, The University of Edinburg:

Theater History:

Skillshare, Inc. – classes on everything from design to entrepreneurship to photography to selling art: