“Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?”Benjamin Franklin


East Mountain High School offers a diverse and innovative array of opportunities to gifted students, including internships; self-directed learning through independent study and online coursework; coordination for study abroad programs; and talent development through extracurricular involvement. Gifted students are encouraged to identify their unique passions and talents and create goals and an educational plan to support development of these talents and passions.


EMHS does not currently offer any gifted-only classes, as all courses offered at EMHS are college-oriented. A variety of honors and dual-credit courses are also available. Placement in these courses is not automatic for gifted students, so make sure to pay attention to all requirements and application processes. You will work with your student’s advocate and case manager on creating a yearly schedule that best suits the student’s goals.


Staying in the gifted program requires an annual meeting that includes the student, a parent, and teachers. Additionally, we expect all our gifted students to be involved in an academic extra-curricular activity that supports their college and career goals.


All students will exit from the IEP process during senior year. If, at any time, the IEP team (student, parent, case manager, or teachers) feels an IEP is no longer appropriate, the student can be exited from the program. If the student does not want to meet the expectations of the program, there is no harm in exiting from the IEP.

Cynthia Daly is the Gifted Coordinator. You can contact her at cdaly@eastmountainhigh.net or (505) 281-7400 x. 404.

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