Read the entire Strategic Plan here:  EMHS Strategic Plan-Final Version as of 1-22-18 (1)

As a small regional school, East Mountain High School uses best practices to engage students in curricular programs, involve students in the community, and prepare students for success after graduation, including college and career.
Guiding Principles
1. College and Career Preparation
East Mountain High School develops curricular and co-curricular opportunities to support each individual student’s college and career path.
2. Individual Talents and Relationships
East Mountain High School values the relationships developed between students and teachers. EMHS fosters an environment where individual teachers’ talents and contributions are integral to school culture.
3. Holistic Education
East Mountain High School believes in educating the whole student. Character education and lifelong learning represent a core focus of the EMHS experience.
4. Service
East Mountain High School employs service learning as a strategy to integrate meaningful community service with its instruction to complement academic growth, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen our community.

The guiding purpose of East Mountain High School is to achieve the long term goals set out in the EMHS vision statement:
East Mountain High School will be a model college-preparatory school that provides outstanding learning experiences which engage, challenge and inspire each individual to achieve excellence, with the result that
a. EMHS will have a graduation rate, as defined by state policy, of 90% or higher;
b. 100% of EMHS graduates who apply will be accepted to a post-secondary education or vocational program of their choice, those choices made with the active support and agreement of the graduate’s family, EMHS guidance and faculty team;
c. By the 2020 graduating class and beyond, EMHS graduates entering four-year colleges will graduate within six years with degrees at a rate five percentage points higher than the national average;
d. 100% of EMHS graduates will have participated in meaningful projects to serve the community;
e. By year 2020, EMHS will rank favorably among all schools assessed on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) instrument, used for international comparisons. EMHS will rank in the top 10% compared to all countries for which the results of public high schools measured by that instrument are published, and EMHS will rank in the top 10% of all United States schools sampled with that or an equivalent instrument (as data is available).