East Mountain High School was founded in 1999 as one of the first charter schools in the state of New Mexico. From the beginning, the founders of EMHS had big dreams and big ambitions for this little school in the East Mountains. They saw no reason to accept the mediocrity and apathy that had seemed to invade traditional public schools, and dreamed of a school that would break the mold and truly challenge students to excel to their highest potential. In order the achieve that goal, they established a small school with small classes sizes, so that no one would get lost and fall through the cracks. Teachers were encouraged to design learning experiences for students that would engage them in real world, hands on questions while covering a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum. Parents and community members were encouraged to partner with the school and to get involved in students’ education. Everyone – students, teachers, parents and community members – was encouraged to put inquiry at the heart of learning and to think independently and creatively.

After just a decade, East Mountain High School has a tremendous record of success.

  • EMHS was recognized as a Bronze Star School by U.S. News & World Report, one of only 17 schools in New Mexico to receive such recognition.
  • EMHS is deemed an “A” school by the New Mexico Public Education Department
    Over the past fifteen years, an average of over 75% of students scored proficient or above in reading and over 65% of students scored proficient or above in math.
  • EMHS’ graduation rate is over 90% and more than 90% of students go on to college after graduation.
  • EMHS teachers have received some of the highest honors in the profession, including the American Stars of Teaching Award, the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators and National Board Certification.
  • EMHS has received over one million dollars in grant funding from such prestigious foundations as the Walton Family Foundation, the Albuquerque Community Foundation and the Daniels Fund.

Now is an exciting time at East Mountain High School. Our Principal, Trey Smith, and our Governing Council are determined that EMHS will provide an education on par with the best public and private schools nationwide. This is no small goal, as New Mexico currently ranks 50th out of 50 states in the most recent Kids Count report on student success. This goal will require a revolution in the way that students, parents, teachers and the community thinks about education, a revolution that can and must take place one student at a time.

Read the EMHS Governing Council Strategic Vision here:
EMHS Strategic Plan-Final Version as of 1-22-18 (2)