As part of EMHS’s commitment to academic excellence, students are assigned summer reading over the course of each summer. This experience allows us to immediately dive into class with no delay. It will also begin to prepare you for the reading load that you can expect as a student at EMHS.

Most students will not know until the beginning of the year whether they will be taking their grade-level English in the fall or spring semester. As such, all students should do the reading over the summer break and work on annotations they can use whenever they begin their English class.

Grade 9

For 9th graders, a short reading packet is assigned that includes several articles. Additionally, a reading guide is available to help students with comprehension. Please download, print, and review each one. Note that students are required to annotate the reading! Any questions should be emailed to Ms. Flake: Happy reading!

Grade 9 Summer Reading Packet
9th Grade Summer Reading Guide

Grade 10

Grade 10 summer reading requires students to read a book from a non-U.S. author and complete a project for the first day of school. Complete directions are available in the document below. Email Ms. Schuette with questions:

10th Grade World Literature and History Summer Reading

Grade 11

For 11th grade English, students need to read Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. (The book is available to borrow from the EMHS library before the end of the year.) In addition to reading the book, students need to compose two (2) five-paragraph essays. Details are provided in the document linked below. Any questions should be directed to Mr. Schwebach ( or Ms. Healy (

For students enrolled in 11th grade AP US History, reading is also required. AP US History is scheduled to take place during the fall, and summer reading for the class needs to be completed the first day of fall semester. Please click on the second button below for details on the reading. Any questions should be directed to Mr. Jamison (

11th Grade English Reading Details
11th Grade AP US History Reading Details

Grade 12

Seniors will either be enrolled in English 1101 or English 1102 during the fall semester. Students in 1101 will need to read Nickel and Dimed: On NOT Getting by in America. Students in 1102 are asked to read both Candide (Voltaire) and Atlas Shrugged (Rand). Details regarding each class are available in the packet below.

For questions, please contact Ms. Kuehne at or Ms. Wood at

12 Information Sheet & Summer Reading