As part of EMHS’s commitment to academic excellence, students are assigned summer reading over the course of each summer. This experience allows us to immediately dive into class with no delay. It will also begin to prepare you for the reading load that you can expect as a student at EMHS.

Grade 9

The PDF file linked below contains five articles and directions for reading and annotating them. Please carefully read the directions and complete the summer reading (with annotations) by the first day of school. If you have any questions, please contact the 9th grade English teacher at Happy reading!

Grade 9 Summer Reading Packet

Grade 10

Please download the packet below with instructions for the Grade 10 Summer Reading Assignment. Questions should go to Stephanie Schuette at

10th Grade World Literature and History Summer Reading

Grade 11

Prerequisite Reading for American Literature: English 11
Please read Silas Marner by George Eliot. As you read make notes on key information with specific page references. Key information in a novel includes important or powerful quotes, character names, descriptions and motivations, settings, passages which show the author’s style, or passages which relate to the American Dream. These notes must be available the first day students attend class. These notes will be the entrance ticket into class.

Prerequisite Reading English 11 AP Language and Composition
Read The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. On post-its, annotate the text. Take detailed notes about major turning points in the plot, mark significant passages, analyze their significance, and look up unfamiliar vocabulary to help you better understand the text. If you’re using an ereader, you can put these notes on a separate piece of paper, if needed. As you read, pay attention to places in the plot where something important is revealed about a character, or when characters’ relationships are altered.

Grade 12

Please open the links below for the 12th grade summer reading list and Soundcloud resources.

For questions, please contact Elizabeth Kuehne at

12 Information Sheet & Summer ReadingSoundcloud – Metamorphosis