As part of EMHS’s commitment to academic excellence, students are assigned summer reading over the course of each summer. This experience allows us to immediately dive into class with no delay. It will also begin to prepare you for the reading load that you can expect as a student at EMHS.

Most students will not know until the beginning of the year whether they will be taking their grade-level English in the fall or spring semester. As such, all students should do the reading over the summer break and work on annotations they can use whenever they begin their English class.

Grade 9

View the 9th Grade Summer Reading Assignment below. Any questions should be emailed to Mrs. Wood:

Grade 9 Summer Reading

Grade 10

Grade 10 summer reading requires students to read a book from a non-U.S. author and complete a project for the first day of school. Complete directions are available in the document below. Email Ms. Schuette with questions:

10th Grade World Literature and History Summer Reading

Grade 11

11th Grade English Reading Into the Wild11th Grade English Lolita Memoir Prompt

All English 11 students will read Into the Wild, and AP students will also read Reading Lolita in Tehran.

For Advanced Placement US History, tentatively scheduled to be offered in the Spring of 2019, you must read the novel The Underground Railroad by Colton Whitehead. Please bring your copy of the novel, if possible, to class the first day and be prepared to discuss with your classmates.  We are not interested in a summary of the book, after all we all read it, but think about a reader reflection based on themes or issues explored in the book, author’s intent, etc.  In addition to thinking about literary analysis of the book, be ready to share why this book matters, how it impacted you; share something about the novel that is more personal in nature.  If you have any questions or concerns, send me an email and I should get back to you relatively soon.
-Michael Jamison

Grade 12

View the English 1101 assignment here: Senior Summer Reading_2018-19

View the English 1102 assignment here: Senior Summer Reading_2018-19_1102

For questions, please contact Ms. Kuehne at or Ms. Wood at