Newly Admitted Students

This page details the next steps in the registration process for newly admitted students. Please note that all of these steps are required, and failure to complete a portion of the registration process may result in the forfeiture of your reserved spot in the school. If you have questions, please make note of each of the staff contacts so that you can direct your e-mail to the appropriate staff person.

The registration process is broken into these important deadlines:

Must log in to SchoolMint by Friday, May 8th
Watch the Welcome Video by Principal Trey Smith (3 minutes)
Watch this video “Competing the SchoolMint Registration Process” by Assistant Principal Amanda Millea (11 minutes)
Watch this video “School Support and Discipline” by Dean of Students Bird Podzemny (4 minutes).
Submit the “Behavior contract” form on SchoolMint
Watch this video “Student Community Service” by College & Career Counselor Tamara Bibo (2 minutes)
Watch this video “Athletics and Activities” by Principal Trey Smith (6 minutes)
Submit the “Activities and Athletics” form on SchoolMint
Watch this video on “EMHS Foundation & Parental Involvement” by Development Director Adelynn Nee (6 minutes)
Submit the Parent Involvement Questionnaire on SchoolMint

SchoolMint Full Registration and Pre-Assessments Due Wednesday, May 27th

Watch this video “Completing & Submitting the English and Math Pre-Assessments.” Students should access the link below for completing those assessments

Submit Course Requests by Monday, June 1st
Watch this video “Graduation Requirements & Submitting Course Requests” by Assistant Principal Amanda Millea (27 minutes) AND follow the step-by-step instructions.