East Mountain High School students are required to complete 20 hours of community service each year for a total of 80 hours as a part of their graduation requirements. Students must fill out one EMHS Community Service Log for each organization served. The student, parent and recipient organization representative must sign each log verifying service hours. All Community Service Logs must be turned in to the Guidance Office prior to the end of each school year and students who have met the requirement will receive priority in scheduling.

Incoming freshmen may begin accumulating community service hours during the summer months prior to their freshmen year at EMHS. Community service hours do carry over from year to year.

The intent of the community service requirement is to encourage EMHS students to volunteer for a variety of community organizations and causes so that they eventually are positioned to take on leadership roles at these organizations as a part of their senior service projects.

For more information on logging community service hours or finding a great community organization that needs a volunteer, please contact Bird Podzemny, Student Advisor, at bpodzemny@eastmountainhigh.net. Also, please check out local volunteer opportunities posted online at NMVolunteer.org or VolunteerMatch.org.

In Our Student’s Words

There are many things that make East Mountain High School unique, the major one being that it is a charter school focusing on college readiness and working with each student one on one. Another unique thing about the school is the community service that students participate in.Student, Class of 2017

Community Service Opportunities for Students

The following organizations are often in need of volunteer help and would be a good place to a start for a student looking for a way to give back to the community.