Timberwolf Pride

Students at East Mountain High School will embark on an educational endeavor that will keep them on their toes, along with extra-curricular activities that will expand their minds. As a Timberwolf, you are a part of close community where learning comes in different forms and never stops! EMHS students are provided many opportunities to excel in their education through activities such as the Recording Arts Program, MESA, and Basketball.

Timberwolves, this is your time to shine! Make your time as an EMS student a memorable one. We encourage you to participate in programs and activities that bring out the best in you.

Students at East Mountain High School are very involved in our extra-curricular activities. Whether it be sports, speech and debate or even the anime club, there is always something a student can enjoy and be a part of where they can have fun and make new friendships.” Student, Class of 2016