Communications between school and home have never been more important – for weather notification, emergency alerts and other general announcements.  For the eighth year in a row EMHS will be using an automated broadcast system. The system we are currently using is called SchoolMessenger.  SchoolMessenger enables school personnel to notify households, students and parents by phone, email, and text within minutes of an emergency, inclement weather, an unplanned event or other school communication.

SchoolMessenger is a California-based company that provides notification services for emergency broadcasts, parental outreach and student attendance communications for K-12 Education. The system is programmed to call the primary phone number of parents for a variety of reasons that impact the safety and academic performance of your students.  The system is also designed to be able to send text and e-mail messages as well. The SchoolMessenger system will be used to complement our emergency preparedness procedures and to inform parents of upcoming school events.

In an effort to ensure you receive SchoolMessenger calls, e-mails and texts, please note the following:

1.) Please make sure that EMHS has updated contact information for you and your student on file.

2.) Caller ID: (844) 619-6812 is the number that will be used on all SchoolMessenger calls.

3.) Message Line Retrieval Line:  SchoolMessenger archives the latest 10 messages that were sent out most recently.  If you missed a call, you can simply call back – from the phone number that received the call – at 1-844-619-6812 and follow the prompts to hear any of the last 10 messages sent.

4.) If you need to hear a message repeated, just hit the “star” (*) key at the end of the message.  This is especially helpful when a child answers the phone and hands it to a parent, who can “repeat” the message in its entirety.

If you have any questions about our new broadcast system, please contact Jennifer Bennecke at 281-7400, ext. 100.  We look forward to a safe new school year!