The Sam Martin “Twoie Foundation” College Success Fund is a 4-year college scholarship program recognizing exceptional academic performance in the classroom, overall scholastic/extracurricular achievement as a student at East Mountain High School. The college success fund is a commemorative recognition of one brother to another as a tribute to the life and educational legacy of William L. “Twoie” Martin II. This scholarship can be used at a University or Community College.

Scholarship Requirements:

* 3.5 Minimum GPA
* Complete application, submitted on time
* Transcript attached to application
* 2 Letters of Recommendation – must be included with this application in sealed envelopes
* 1-2 Page Essay that addresses the question – “What is your passion, in what do you find

Four to six finalists will be selected from applicants. The finalists will be selected based on the application form, letters of recommendation and the essay. Finalists will sit before an interview panel.

Recipients of this scholarship will receive $2000.00 per year, renewable for four years. Maximum total amount is $8000.00. Verification of enrollment in a university or community college must be provided. A minimum GPA of 3.0 must be maintained in order to renew the scholarship. Enrollment must be maintained for 8 consecutive regular academic terms. If extenuating circumstances occur, a letter of appeal can be submitted to the Development Director of East Mountain High School. In addition, a one-time forgiveness for failure to maintain the minimum GPA may be granted. A letter of appeal that details the circumstances should be delivered to the Development Director of EMHS. Appeals will be considered on an individual basis and are not guaranteed.

Past Recipients
Sofia Hoskins, 2017
Jessie Linder, 2017