GC Selects Trey Smith as Next Principal

To: EMHS Students, Parents and Interested Community Members
From:  Brent McCall, Ph.D.
             Chair of the Principal Search Committee
             Chair of the Governing Council

RE:  GC votes unanimously to offer Mr. Trey Smith the Position of EMHS Principal

Mr. Trey Smith, the Next EMHS Principal

The East Mountain High School Governing Council met with Trey tonight in closed session from 6:30-8:00pm to discuss his vision and transition details.  At 8:00pm we entered into open session and voted unanimously to offer the position of Principal to Mr. Trey Smith beginning with the new fiscal year starting July 1, 2019. 

Our Process to Get Here

The search committee of 12 met and deliberated across three months.  Four members represented the Governing Council, two represented the faculty, two represented the administration, two represented the students, one represented the EMHS Foundation and one represented the PACK.

We received and considered 14 applications from across the state, the nation and the world.  We decided seven of the 14 had enough potential to receive an interview.  We interviewed seven of those candidates and rated them on 18 factors found in the job description.  From those ratings we determined two candidates worthy of next-round consideration in the form of a community meet and greet (that at least 50 members of the community attended including many of you) and a more in-depth face to face interview with the search committee.

We received emails and written feedback from over 80 individuals with probably 50 others providing verbal feedback to individual committee members.  Thanks to those of you who gave us feedback.    Trey’s stakeholder support was almost universal, with only two individuals recommending we go with the other candidate.  The consensus was absolutely clear after visits from both candidates—Mr. Trey Smith is the right person to serve as Principal. 

Reasons Trey Smith is the Right Person for This Job

We believe Trey is the right person for this job for many reasons.  Here are a few reasons that stood out from your feedback and that resonated most with the committee and the council:

Transition Plan

Trey’s contract as Principal will start the first day of July.  The day after Monique’s contract ends.  As such, it is vital to remember that Monique is our Principal till the end of June.  The GC has made it clear to her that she is not sharing her authority as Principal.  We want to retain a clear chain of command.

That said, Monique and the GC both realize that the next few months provides a great opportunity for Monique to share her knowledge, insights, and experience.  We expect Trey to shadow Monique quite a bit to learn from her.

As you will note below, the search committee has been invited to now serve as a transition team to ensure that your voice is heard and represented during this important time of transition.  More on the role they will play in subsequent communication.

Statement from Our Principal-To-Be, Mr. Trey Smith

EMHS is such an important part of this community, and I am incredibly humbled to be chosen as its next Principal. Over the past couple months, I’ve heard from countless students, parents, teachers, staff, and alumni all who believe that our school represents what’s best about education. We are a diverse group of people with a wide range of interests and backgrounds, but we all come together with a common purpose of changing students’ lives.

I want to thank the search committee for the many, many hours spent on this effort. They sacrificed time away from their own families to make sure that they got this decision right. Because of their professionalism and ability to build consensus, I am asking the search committee to continue their work a bit longer and now serve as a transition team. I do have a lot to learn about the position, but with their help and the help of the greater community, I am anxious to get to work. EMHS has also been lucky to have Monique’s expertise for the past five years; she is a wealth of knowledge I will learn from over the next three months.

The success of our school is not reliant on one person. We all have to ask ourselves what we can do to make our school a better place. If we start from a place of community, and we maintain clear lines of communication, we can create a collaborative environment that values all our stakeholders. No matter what kind of student comes through our door, we can be the safe, inclusive school that they need, and the innovative school that their future demands.

This is a responsibility I take seriously, and I’m excited for the challenge. Please reach out to me with any questions or ideas.

Thank you!

Trey Smith

The GC is grateful to Monique for her leadership over the last five years.  We are excited about Trey’s ability to build on her work.  We are confident that with Trey’s leadership and your continued dedication to students and their families that the EMHS legacy of excellence will continue. 

Best Wishes,

Brent McCall, Ph.D.
Search Committee Chair
Governing Council Chair