Read through the various pro and con stances provided to you from Then, determine your stance on the following issue:

Does homework help you learn?

Use the two links below to find the article and the prompt. Submit your response below.

Is Homework Beneficial?

9th Grade Pre-Assessment Prompt

Does homework help you learn?
 To begin, write a one sentence thesis statement that states your claim. Remember: A thesis statement is a sentence that states your stance on an issue.

 Once you have determined your position and produced a thesis statement, write an organized paragraph that supports your thesis. Include evidence through direct quotes to support your claim and give credit to the source through citation to the best of your ability (MLA in-text citation). Finally, provide analysis to support your thesis and evidence.

 Please review your work to ensure your thoughts are clear, organized and free of grammatical errors.
What this should look like:
1) Thesis with stance and reasoning.
2) Below the thesis, put your paragraph that supports your thesis.

English Pre-Assessment

This pre-assessment activity is designed to determine how we as teachers can best help you succeed in freshman English at East Mountain High School. Please complete this activity to the best of your ability.