EMHS Test to Stay

EMHS started on campus testing the week of Nov. 29, EMHS is testing students and staff for COVID-19 on campus.
To participate, create a profile at this link:https://pmg.app.perseus.id/personal/dashboardStudents will show their QR code on their phone to the lab tech for each test. The results will be texted within an hour.
This testing program will also allow our students to participate in the “Test to Stay” initiative, which provides another opporrtunity for students to avoid quarantine.

Positive Case Reporting
Please report all positive cases as soon as possible by emailing both: nurse@eastmountainhigh.net and tsmith@eastmountainhigh.net.
VaccinationKeep uploading vaccine evidence to our link. https://forms.gle/cb8nxA8SZGNuWzw89.You can upload a picture of your vaccination card or a screenshot from NMVaxView.