EMHS Students Advance in International Debate Competition

logo of the International Public Policy Forum

East Mountain High School has defeated St. Mark’s School of Texas in the International Public Policy Forum. Seniors Chloe Hecht and Jessie Linder and Junior Gina Sanchez defeated the private all boys’ school from Dallas on the topic: “The obligation to provide safe haven for refugees should outweigh a government’s right to control its borders.”

Evaluated by three judges, EMHS won the decision of all three ballots. Of the 32 teams left, EMHS is one of only two teams remaining that qualified to the top 8 in last year’s competition.

EMHS now faces Westfield Academy from Connecticut in the Round of 32.

The final 8 teams receive an all-expense paid trip to New York City to debate the remaining teams in person. This is the 5th year EMHS has been named one of the top debate teams in the world.

Jessie says,” Competing in IPPF for a second year gives us an opportunity to grow and learn from our mistakes. It will be another great adventure testing our skills against teams from across the world.

Gina says,”Being able to compete in IPPF again this year feels like we picked up right where we left off last year. Working with my teammates and coach has been such a fun learning experience that will only continue as we journey to the top.

Coach Trey Smith said, “I am incredibly proud of all the effort already demonstrated by these three students. They have been working on this essay since July, researching at a level normally reserved for a master’s level thesis. We’re also incredibly appreciative of all the support from the alumni and teachers who offered feedback and revisions to their essay. Facing off against a private all-boys school should be especially interesting for our all-girl debate team. This is also the first year we’ve had the same team qualify twice, so I like their chances to go far!”

To learn more about the contest, visit www.ippfdebate.com.