EMHS Remote Learning Going Well

Since all public schools in New Mexico were ordered to being the 2020-2021 school year remotely, East Mountain High School has been providing a robust, challenging online experience for our students. As one of the only schools to immediately continue with remote learning in March of the previous school year, EMHS was uniquely ready to continue with this style of learning. 

Principal Trey Smith notes, “Our teachers have worked incredibly hard to make sure their curriculum can be accessed online, and our staff have really risen to the occasion. Our students and our families are also being incredibly positive and supportive.” EMHS student enrollment has increased this school year, so the remote learning experience is not impacting the school’s total enrollment. In fact, more families seem to be drawn to our school because of our ability to operate so effectively in this environment.

The experience is not without its challenges, and we know many families struggle with adequate internet access. We hope to work with local providers and county officials to push for better internet access in the east mountains. 

With the recent decision of the APS School Board to remain in remote learning for the rest of the semester, it seems most likely that EMHS will have to follow that directive. As a charter school authorized by the APS Board, defaulting to their policies is the standard procedure. However, we will continue to keep our families updated as the Department of Education and Heath continually update their guidance