Athletics Release Times for the Week of December 13, 2015

The following is a listing of events and corresponding release times for the calendar week of 12/14/15 through12/19/15: Tue 12/15/15:
JV/Var Boys Basketball vs Hot Springs @ EMHS 4:00pm/5:30pm Release: JV only 2:45pm
JV/Var Girls Basketball @ Hot Springs 4:00pm/5:30pm Release: 11:45am Bus Departure: Noon
Thur 12/17/15:
JVG/JVB/Vars Girls/Vars Boys Basketball vs ATC @ EMHS 3:00pm, 4:30pm, 6:00pm, 7:30pm Release: Finals already over, no release neccessary
Sat 12/19/15:
JVB/Vars Boys Basketball @ Rehoboth 2:00pm/3:30pm Bus Departure: 10:15am
Come on out and support the T’WOLVES!!!!
Thanks, David Naylor