East Mountain High School requires that each student who participates in athletics to pay a fee to East Mountain High School. This fee covers a portion of the cost of offering athletics, which includes the salary and benefits of the athletic staff, coaches’ salaries, transportation, fees, uniforms, equipment and maintenance of our athletic facilities. The remainder of the cost of athletics not covered by the athletic fee comes from the school’s operational budget. The athletic fee for the 2021-2022 school year is $350 for the first sport, $250 for the second sport and $150 for the third sport. 

We are currently accepting payments for the fall sports of Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country, and Golf.
  If a parent/guardian requests, a payment arrangement may be made by contacting Gwen Brown at gbrown@eastmountainhigh.net.

Full or half payment and/or a payment plan must be in place prior to the first game of each sports season. At least half of the fee is due prior to the first official contest. The remainder will be due four (4) weeks later. Payment plans must be arranged prior to the first game with Gwen Brown, Operations Manager, at gbrown@eastmountainhigh.net. If payment is not made, the student athlete must sit games until the payment is received or a payment plan is set in place. Monies will not be refunded or transferred due to academic ineligibility, injury, or a personal decision to quit the team after the season begins.