Competing in the Santa Fe Roundhouse

Youth and Government helps students develop a clear awareness of how our government works. Each year, student delegates from around the state gather at the Santa Fe Roundhouse to participate in a mock congressional session. In addition to collaborating on model legislation on the floors of the House and Senate, students deliberate on the constitutionality of policy in a judicial competition and draft video and print media coverage of the event. Experienced delegates may run for office, and officeholders are responsible for coordinating the next year’s conference.

The club’s activities fall primarily within the spring semester, with a required training (usually in Albuquerque) occurring on a weekend in March and the annual conference (two nights, three days in Santa Fe) occurring in early April. Students can choose to participate in:

  • Executive: Students work with the Youth Governor in executive positions to plan the event and review student bills.
  • Legislature: Students draft bills and debate them in the House of Representatives and Senate.
  • Judicial: Students prepare briefs and argue them before student judges in an appellate court.
  • Forum: Students research and debate a topic resulting in a bill presented at the end of the session.
  • Newspaper: Students write for The Delegate’s Daily, a newspaper that is distributed daily during the session.
  • Video: Students cover the conference events and present a video at the end of the session.

For more information about Youth in Government, please contact Mr. Schwebach in Room 103 or at