Model United Nations students celebrate their victory.

Model United Nations (Model UN) provides a forum in which students debate issues in international politics and ethics. Designed nearly 50 years ago by classroom teachers, Model UN chapters currently exist in all fifty states for high school students and on many college campuses as well.

The purpose of the Model United Nations program is to provide young people with an opportunity to learn the dynamics of diplomatic debate on current international issues with several different perspectives and interests in mind. Each team’s primary task is to faithfully represent the policies of its country’s government in a knowledgeable, accurate and active manner. The best teams involve all members of their team in the diplomatic process and are active in all aspects of the diplomatic process: speaking during the floor debate; appropriate use of parliamentary procedure; drafting speeches, resolutions and amendments; caucusing; negotiating; getting and communicating information to colleagues, etc.

In addition to gaining valuable experience in these skills, students spend many hours beforehand in preparation for the simulation, researching their countries, their policies and the issues. These skills are transferable to many other activities in students’ academic and post-academic careers.

The main activity of Model United Nations is the three-day November General Session of the United Nations, which typically takes place during the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday prior to the week of Thanksgiving at the State Capitol Building in Santa Fe.

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