The academic internship program at EMHS will provide the opportunity for high-achieving 10th, 11th and 12th grade high school students to pursue self-directed study under the direction of a professional/expert in a field of great interest to the student.

Student-adult mentoring relationships promote intellectual curiosity, inquiry-based learning, creativity, professional communication skills, the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, and a passion for and understanding of lifelong learning.

The internship program will provide opportunities for students to build relationships with professionals/experts in a field of strong interest to the students and to gain insight into the actual work situations, information, and technology involved in these professions. Students will pursue self-selected topics of interest in great depth and breadth, guided by their mentor, and will gain a greater understanding of what it is like to work in their field of interest by the conclusion of their internship.

Program Guidelines

  • Students apply to the internship program and selected participants must demonstrate academic excellence and personal responsibility throughout their academic history.
  • The student, mentor, and coordinator design an internship proposal, which is a student developed curriculum of activities and projects.
  • Students are responsible for completing and documenting 120 applied hours of study to earn
    credit for a internship, with a minimum of 45 direct contact hours with their mentors and a
    maximum of 100 direct contact hours.
  • Internships typically last one semester, but can be extended with joint approval from the
    mentor & mentorship coordinator.
  • Meeting times and places are determined by the student, mentor, and coordinator.
  • The student, student’s family, coordinator, and mentor will meet at the beginning of each
    internship to discuss the details and requirements of the program.
  • Students, families, and mentors will participate in a final celebration of their work at the end of each semester.

Contact Information
Cynthia Daly