Honors Offered at East Mountain High School

East Mountain High School offers selected Honors courses. Students earning above an 80% or above in any Honors class receive one additional GPA point. For example, a student earning an A in an Honors course would receive a 5.0 for that class. A list of Honors courses is below.

Applying for Honors Humanities at East Mountain High School

Various means are used to place students in a class best suited to their level of academic preparedness and willingness to pursue excellence. East Mountain High School does not offer a 9th grade Honors English course. Honors English is offered at the 10th and 11th grades and students are required to apply each year for a spot in the Honors program.

  • All students are eligible to apply to Honors English.
  • Any student wishing to enter Honors English 10 or 11 must apply.
  • Application instructions for English Humanities 10 or 11 will be posted in every Humanities classroom.
  • Every Humanities teacher, where applicable, will verbally tell their students in the beginning of the semester about the opportunity to apply for Honors.
  • Teachers will tell students of the application deadline, point out where the instructions are located on the classroom wall, and offer copies for any interested student.
  • The deadline for application packets for students interested in transferring mid year (between fall term and spring term) to Honors English is December 1.
  • The deadline for application packets for students interested in Honors for the following school year is April 1.
  • Students currently enrolled in Honors English must re-apply every year. The Guidance Office will collect any student application packets.
  • The Humanities department will form an Honors Evaluation Committee to review all applications.
  • The committee will notify all applicants of their acceptance or rejection into the Honors English class.
  • Current Honors English students must maintain an 80% average to remain in the Honors English class.
  • Students interested in transferring into an Honors English class should have a 90% or higher average in their non Honors Humanities class.
  • Honors increments are defined as credits awarded with a weighted grade which deviates from the traditional 4.0 scale by one additional point. No honors increments will be awarded if the term grade is less than 80%.
  • Students should read the posted letters to candidates for Honors English 10 and Honors English 11, including the qualities of mind candidates should demonstrate.