Jennifer Bennecke

Receptionist | Ext. 100 |

image of Jennifer BenneckeJennifer Bennecke is the Receptionist. She works in the Front Office where there is never a dull moment! Jennifer is the parent of two EMHS graduates, David and Jamie, and has lived in the East Mountains for over 25 years. In addition to her BA in English from Montana State University, Jennifer holds a certificate in word processing from Central New Mexico Community College. Her hobbies include horses, friends, and her 2-year-old grandson.

Tamara Bibo

College and Career Readiness Counselor| Ext. 100 |

Tamara Bibo

College and Career Readiness Counselor.

Tamara earned her MA from UNM in Counseling. Before joining EMHS she was a School Counselor for 9 years at New Mexico Connections Academy, Rio Rancho High School, and Hogares/APS Mental Health in the Schools. Tamara is also a Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor. She has worked in private practice for 7 years. Tamara has 4 children and has lived in East Mountains for 15 years. Her interests include spending time with her family and friends, going to her kids’ sporting events, hiking and traveling (or watching Rick Steves and dreaming of traveling).

Lynsey Bohannon

Humanities Instructor | Ext. 405 |

sey Bohannon is an English and History Instructor. Lynsey holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from Kaplan University. She has taught English and History for seven years in a secondary setting. She also taught Creative Media at NMSU-Grants for three years. Lynsey’s interests include hiking and enjoying the outdoors with her family and her dogs and reading anything that strikes her interest (usually British literature or about British culture). She also loves exploring the world and has been to 20 countries and 25 states!

Marie Booth

Science Instructor | Ext. 300 |

image of teacher Marie BoothMarie Booth is a Science Instructor and MESA Advisor. She is originally from El Paso, Texas, but has been living in New Mexico for the past 16 years. She lives in Tijeras with her husband and five little girls. Marie graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in Secondary Science Education and taught at Roosevelt Middle School before coming to EMHS. She also holds a MA in Education from Eastern New Mexico University.

Gwen Brown

Office Manager | Ext. 114 |

Gwen Brown is the Office Manager. Gwen is a parent to two EMHS graduates. She graduated from the University of Iowa and has made her home in the East Mountains for over 13 years. She enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as hiking, cooking and exploring new projects/interests.

Alan Chancellor

Math Instructor| Ext . 204 |

image of Alan ChancellorAlan Chancellor lives in the East Mountains with his wife and three wonderful kids. A member of the Math Department, Alan spent more than two decades teaching math at Moriarty High School before joining the faculty of EMHS. He says the low student teacher ratio is something he appreciates, along with the longer class periods. When he isn’t teaching, you can find Alan hunting, fishing, and spending time with his wife and three children. Alan holds a BS in Mathematics from Eastern New Mexico University.

Cynthia Daly

Gifted Coordinator| Ext. 403 |

Cynthia Daly is the Gifted Coordinator and a Humanities Instructor. Cynthia is originally an Ozarkian from Springfield, Missouri, but she has lived in New Mexico for the past 16 years, via Kansas, Georgia, and Colorado. She earned her BA from Missouri State University and her MA in English from the University of Kansas. Her past vocations include teaching English, raising alpacas and dairy goats, raising kids, watching migrating hawks, and teaching elementary art. Cynthia is the case manager for gifted freshmen and sophomores at East Mountain and is working on her Gifted endorsement. She also coordinates the Academic Internship program, teaches 9th and 10th grade English and is a co-sponsor for Youth and Government.

Therese Dorwart

Math Instructor | Ext. 206 |

image of teacher Therese-DorwartTherese Dorwart is a Math Instructor. She holds a BUS with post-degree certifications in math and PE and a MA in Educational Leadership, both from the University of New Mexico. Therese enjoys outdoor activities like white water kayaking, hiking, biking, camping, running, swimming, and skiing. Spending time with her adult children and playing the guitar are also favorite pastimes. Previously, Therese worked at Cibola High School and Eldorado High School for twelve years as a teacher and administrator. She designed and implemented award winning curriculum in Intel’s Applying Computers in Education Institute titled “Architecture from a Geometric Angle.” Therese has also worked as an adaptive aquatics instructor with the Arizona Office of Senior Affairs, YMCA and Special Olympics and coached a USS swim team.

Hannah Flake

Special Education |

Hannah has a BAFA in Fine Art and an MAT in Special Education, and is also certified to teach general education in English, Social Studies, and Fine Art. She is the coach of the East Mountain Speech and Debate Team, and was awarded 2019 Speech Coach of the Year from the New Mexico Speech and Debate Association. Ms. Flake has held office as president of the NMSDA, and is now the District Chair of the New Mexico District of the National Speech & Debate Association, serving on the host committee of the 2020 National Speech and Debate Tournament. Ms. Flake enjoys baking, logic puzzles, and reading, but spends most of her time chasing her toddler. She and her family live in Cedar Crest.

Kasi Giovenco

Physical Education/Athletics Coordinator | Ext. 101 |

Kasi Giovenco is a Physical Education/Athletics Coordinator and Volleyball Coach. Kasi holds a BS in Physical Education and is certified in Special Education and Reading Intervention from Towson University in Maryland. Before coming to East Mountain, Kasi taught in the Moriarty Edgewood School District in the Severe and Profound classroom as lead teacher for 3rd-5th grades. For the past four years, Kasi has been the Varsity Volleyball Coach here at East Mountain and looks forward to building the program. She currently lives in Edgewood with her husband, their brand new baby boy Gibson and their three dogs. In her spare time, Kasi loves going to concerts, playing sports, and traveling back home to the East Coast to visit friends and family.

Carmen Healy

Humanities Instructor | Ext. 401 |

image of teacher Carmen-HealyCarmen Healy is an English Instructor. Carmen holds a BA in English Literature from Oregon State University and a MA in English Language and Literature with a Certificate in Women’s Studies from the University of New Mexico. Carmen has taught college composition courses at UNM and CNM before joining the faculty at EMHS. Her interests include Victorian literature and culture, poetry, creative writing, and yoga. She is the faculty advisor for SAGA.

Nancy Holmquist

Business Manager | Ext. 166 |

Nancy Holmquist is the Business Manager. Nancy holds a BA in Business Administration and has extensive experience in the private sector as well as school business. She is married, has three grown children, and four grandchildren.

Sierra Hostetler

Spanish Instructor | Ext. 104 |

image of teacher Sierra-HostetlerSierra Hostetler is a Spanish teacher and the school’s English Language Learners Coordinator. She studied Spanish at Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas, and at La Universidad Veracruzana in Xalapa, Mexico. She has her MA in Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies from the University of New Mexico. International travel has been an important part of her Spanish studies, including stays in Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, and Peru. Many EMHS students know some Spanish from living in New Mexico or traveling themselves, and Señora Hache loves learning from them.

Michael Jamison

Humanities Instructor | Ext. 106 |

Michael-JamisonMichael Jamison is a Humanities Instructor. Michael lives in an historic neighborhood in downtown Albuquerque. He holds a BA in History and Political Science from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania and a MAT in History from Rutgers University in New Jersey. His interests include listening to music, going to festivals/concerts; travel – like not too remote camping and discovering new places; cooking nutritious locally produced meals; environmental awareness – sustainability issues; bicycling- mountain and road; and reading- mostly non-fiction.

Tucker Janes

Special Education Dept. | Ext. 107 |

Tucker-JanesTucker Janes has been at EMHS for six years and serves as the Special Education Coordinator. Before coming to New Mexico, he taught Psychology and Humanities for 20 years at schools in Massachusetts and Arizona. Tucker enjoys hiking, cooking, movies and martial arts, but spends most of his free time chasing his toddler. He is a graduate of Wesleyan University and is grateful to the awesome staff and students of East Mountain High School. EMHS has helped him find his wife, a fish tank, several frisbees, and the best dang Advocacy group in the school.

Dennis King

David King

David King is part of our janitorial staff. He lives in the East Mountains.



Elizabeth Kuehne

Elizabeth Kuehne is a Senior English Instructor and Student Council Sponsor. She holds a BA in Secondary English Education and a MA in English Literature, both from New Mexico State University. She is endorsed in both English and social studies and teaches post-secondary writing and research classes through EMHS, Central New Mexico Community College and Wayland Baptist University. She has taught high school and college courses for almost two decades, most of which have been at EMHS. She is a published author and also writes in a weekly blog where she examines life and “things.” Her favorite quote is “words, words, words” from Hamlet.

Krysten Linger

Educational Assistant | Ext. 402 |

Krysten (Krys) McFadden-Lingner is excited to be back in her home town of Albuquerque after living for the past 5 years in Pennsylvania. Though she lives in the city, the East Mountain community holds a special place in her heart after teaching kindergarten and 1st grade at Prince of Peace Lutheran School. She most recently has worked for Albuquerque Public Schools as a district wide, K-12 substitute teacher. Krys earned bachelor degrees in both Criminal Justice and Psychology from the University of New Mexico. In her spare time, she enjoys quilting, reading and spending time with her two daughters, Ashley and Madison and her French Bulldog, Stormy.

Delina McKnight

Office Clerk | Ext. 111 |

Vince-LanganDelina McKnight is the Office Clerk. She assists in administrative functions of the school. She was in the Escrow/Title Business for over 18 years and is happy to have a change in career, but mostly to be part of the EMHS staff.  She and her husband have been residing in the East Mountains since 1984.

Amanda Forkasdi Millea

Assistant Principal | Ext. 167 |

Amanda-Forkasdi-MilleaAmanda Forkasdi Millea is the Assistant Principal and is responsible for academic and college guidance. She is also the testing coordinator, manages databases like PowerSchool, Naviance and x2VOL, and oversees the school’s dual credit program. Prior to becoming the Assistant Principal, Amanda was the Dean of Students and a Math Instructor at EMHS. She also taught College Success, a dual credit in the high school course through Central New Mexico Community College. She came to EMHS in 2001 during the school’s second year from Roosevelt Middle School. Amanda holds a BS in Elementary Education with a minor in Math and a MA in Secondary Education, both from the University of New Mexico. Her interests include traveling, camping, cross-stitching, watching Hallmark movies and spending time with her husband and sons Miller and Sullivan

Nicole Naylor

Spanish Instructor | Ext. 105 |

Nicole Naylor is a Spanish Instructor and the Languages Department Chair. She holds a BA in Secondary Education/Spanish from the University of Nevada, Reno. Her interests include golf, scrap booking, gardening, crossword and other word puzzles, spending time with friends and family, watching movies and snuggling with her sons and daughter. She and her husband (also a teacher at EMHS) live in the East Mountains. Nicole enjoys the small class sizes at EMHS as well as the sense of community. She has been teaching at EMHS since 2003. She taught middle school in Nevada before coming to EMHS and has always been a Spanish teacher. She became a teacher straight out of college and loves to share Spanish and the Spanish speaking culture with her students.

Adelynn Nee

Development Director | Ext. 112 |

Adelynn Nee is the development director. Adelynn is also a proud alumnus of EMHS. Before returning to EMHS, she explored countries and languages earning her two bachelor’s degrees in International Studies and French from UNM, where she is also currently pursuing a Masters of Public Policy. Her love of organization, communication, community engagement and adventure has brought her back to the East Mountains to help with the fundraising and development of our unique school.

Bird Podzemny

Dean of Students | Ext. 407 |

Bird-PodzemnyBird Podzemny is the Student Advisor. She is the disciplinarian, teaches College Success, a dual credit course through Central New Mexico Community college, oversees student community service hours and works with struggling students. She is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Bird holds a BA in Communications and a MA in Counseling, both from the University of New Mexico. Bird is committed to working with students to help them succeed – not just academically, but in their life as they become more mature and independent. Bird and her husband Doug have four amazing children: Dominic and Chase, who both graduated from EMHS, Cole a current student, and Ava who is in middle school.

Marisa Salazar

Science Instructor | Ext. 302 |

Marisa-SalazarMarisa Salazar is an Environmental Science, Biology and Anatomy & Physiology Instructor. She holds a BS in Earth and Planetary Sciences and a MA in Education: Curriculum Design and Instructional Leadership, both from the University of New Mexico. As a third-generation East Mountain native, Marisa has come to love the beauty, culture and community of the area. The opportunity to develop curriculum and projects that connect students to the community amidst an amazing staff and wonderful, wildly entertaining students keep her continuously motivated and excited to be at EMHS.

Kim Sanchez

Special Education | Ext. 302 |

Kimberly Sanchez is a Special Education Instructor and is also certified to teach general education in English and Reading. Kimberly has a BA in Special Education and Secondary Education from New Mexico Highlands University, a MA in Instructional Design from Western Governor’s University, and an Ed.S. from Grand Canyon University. She is a closet nerd who enjoys watching/reading Harry Potter – The House of Ravenclaw!, playing Cosmic Encounter, going on 5K walks to Catch ‘Em All, and being the queen of chess. When she isn’t teaching she enjoys playing sports, coaching, doing martial arts, reading, spending time with her family, or spreading joy (AKA fighting crime) with her loyal sidekick Bruce. Bruce is a therapy dog (Yes! He is secretly Batman) who loves naps and attending high school (He’s currently a sophomore).

Stephanie Schuette

Humanities Instructor | Ext. 405 |

Stephanie Schuette found her calling in teaching world history and working at East Mountain High School! Since starting at EMHS in 2014, she has a plethora of experiences under her belt, ranging from teaching yearbook and English intervention, starting the AP program in 2017, coaching cheer and dance, and heading school’s NHS chapter as well as the staff’s Party Planning Committee. When Stephanie is not being a busy-bee and saying yes to too many things, she’s making connections with students, grading papers and planning lessons, or finishing her Masters in History through ASU. (Just kidding, she’s probably actually doing yoga, cooking, playing with her dogs, or traveling.)

Bradd Schulke

Science Instructor | Ext. 306 |

Bradd-SchulkeBradd Schulke is an Environmental Science and Biology Instructor. He holds a BS in Biology from New Mexico State University and a MS in Evolutionary Ecology from the University of California. Bradd is a certified Russian Martial Arts Instructor and a graduate of the 27th Citizens Police Academy with the Albuquerque Police Department. He also attended the 2008 Marine Corps Educator’s Workshop. He was awarded the 2006 American Star of Teaching Award. His interests include martial arts, self-defense, environmental and wildlife conservation. Bradd has been a teacher at EMHS since the school opened in 2000. Before EMHS, he taught at the college level for five years and at Manzano High School. Bradd and his wife live in the East Mountains. His son, Arana, graduated from East Mountain High School in 2011.

Jesse Schwebach

Humanities Instructor | Ext. 103 |

Jesse-SchwebachJesse Schwebach teaches English, Economics, Government and philosophy as a dual-credit option. Many freshman students report finding his courses to be one of the most challenging they encounter in their first year, but also one of their favorites—this is something he takes great pride in. He enjoys reading literature in unconventional ways and pushing people to think far, far outside of the box. His interests include grammatical militarism and cultural criticism, as well as chocolate, coffee, and David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.

Wanda Sena

Educational Assistant | Ext. 101 |

Wanda-SenaWanda Sena is an Educational Assistant. She has been an EA for over 20 years now and enjoys working with students.


Trey Smith

Principal | 505-281-7400 x.112 |

Trey Smith is the Principal and Head School Administrator of EMHS. Mr. Smith is a longtime employee of EMHS, having served in a variety of positions, including Gifted Coordinator, Student Advisor, and Chair of the Humanities Department. Most recently, Mr. Smith served as the Executive Director of the EMHS Foundation and the Founder of the Speech and Debate program. Mr. Smith holds a license in Education Administration, as well as teaching licenses for English, Social Studies, and Gifted Education. He received his BA in English and Philosophy and his MA in Public Administration, both from the University of New Mexico. Mr. Smith received the ‘Top 40 Under Forty’ award from New Mexico Business Weekly and has been a featured TED Talk speaker. He enjoys traveling with his wife Cristin (not during global pandemics) and spending time with his one year old son Xavier.

Lee Theobald

Amanda Windust

Science| Ext. 165 |

Amanda Windust is a Science Instructor and a Speech and Debate assistant coach. She is originally from Edgewood, New Mexico and a proud East Mountain High School alumna, Class of 2013. Amanda graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Degree in Elementary Education, after which she traveled and lived abroad in South America, New Zealand, and Canada. She taught Middle School STEAM at Alice King Community Charter School before returning to EMHS.

Carol Wirth

Registrar | Ext. 165 |

Carol-WirthCarol Wirth is the Registrar, STARS Database Administrator and Assistant Testing Coordinator. She and her husband reside here in the East Mountains. Both of their children are graduates of East Mountain High School, classes of ’10 and ‘12. Carol holds a BA from Wells College, in Aurora, New York, and enjoys jigsaw puzzles, adult coloring books, reading and gardening in her spare time. She looks forward to learning new things in her position and to conquering the challenges of dealing with state reporting.

Brandy Wood

Brandy Wood is the school Social Worker. She is originally from Las Cruces, NM and attended New
Mexico State University where she earned her Bachelor and Masters degree in Social Work.
Brandy has worked with students of all ages, supporting them to explore their strengths and to problem solve challenges that they may face. Brandy is married and has two children, Grace and Michael as well as two dogs that she enjoys spending time with. Her favorite past-times include reading and traveling.

Michael Wood

Music Teacher | Ext. 409 |


Michael Wood is the Music Instructor. He is a guitar player originally from Las Cruces. He received his BFA in Classical Guitar Performance from the University of New Mexico under Michael Chapdelaine. First and foremost, he is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and son. He has shared the stage with many amazing artists such as Ryan Montano, Marcus Anderson (Prince and Cee-Lo Green Saxophone player), Four80East, Jeff Kashiwa, Kim Waters, Lindsey Webster and many more. Some of his favorite bands that he plays with are the Diamond Empire Band and the original project called Citizens of Tape City.