Each spring, public schools in New Mexico receive guidance from the New Mexico Public Education Department on building a budget for the next school year. East Mountain High School takes pride on a budget process that is transparent with our community and focuses resources on the needs of our students.

The New Mexico State Legislature is expected to meet in special session sometime in June 2020. We expect the budget projections listed below will mostly likely be altered after the session. EMHS offers a look at this preliminary budget, knowing that a final budget is coming later this summer.

Public School Finance Basics
Reviewing this pdf attachment may assist in your understanding of how schools are funded in New Mexico:
Public School Funding Formula

2019-2020 Revenues and Expenditures
This Excel file details the categories of revenues and expenditures that compromised the FY2020 EMHS budget:

FY2020 Revenue and Expense

2020-2021 Budget Projections
These files have been sumitted to APS and PED as part of our projected budget for the 2020-2021 school year.

Budget Charts

Operational Fund Projections

Salary Schedule Projections