3 Students Earn Poland Trip for Mock Criminal Court

Three EMHS Students Earn All-Expense Paid Trip to Poland for Mock International Criminal Court

East Mountain High School is proud of Sophomore Clare Ray, Junior Emma Hotz, and Senior Corey Dotson for being chosen by the New Mexico Human Rights Project for a Mock International Criminal Court experience next month in Poland.

Open to any New Mexico high school student, these three students had to submit essays and go through an extensive interview process. Of the ten total finalists chosen for the experience, three are from East Mountain High School. The students will not only visit Poland for the M.I.C.C., but they will visit Amsterdam and Germany, also.

Corey Dotson said, “Being chosen for the 2016 Model International Criminal Court is an honor, and it opens many new learning pathways that I can experience firsthand. It’s a great way to experience the world, while also learning what makes it a better place.”

And Clare Ray stated, “This will be another great opportunity to meet new people and learn about their cultures. I’m excited to travel internationally for one of my passions, world events.”

Corey and Emma have been assigned roles as judges for the M.I.C.C. and Clare has been tasked with arguing for the defense in the case of Simon Bikindi, accused of instigating the Rwanda Genocide through his music.

To learn more about the New Mexico Human Rights Project visit www.nmhrp.org